Freedom is from God

Inspired by Hyalma and her blog, I also decided to start writing in English. First and main reason is to practice English, so that I won’t forget it.

I decided to share with some thoughts about freedom. I hear quite often that God or Church is against our freedom. All the things you have to do or yo’re not allowed. But is it really like this? I think, it’s a little bit different. God gave us freedom. He wants us to worship him in freedom, not like robots, which cannot decide what they are doing. We are free, so we do not have to obey the rules of the world. These rules are leading us into addiction of sin. Sin addicts, virtue does not. Have anyone heard of someone addicted to mercy? No, of course not. The way of the Lord is the way of freedom. Leave your sins, your addictions, all bad things that happened in your life. God frees you from it! Be free, be happy, be His child!


3 komentarze do “Freedom is from God

  1. Человек оступился, молодой, нормальный.. будущего теперь нет, жизнь не прощает ошибок.
    Помогите пожалуйста по возможности, подарите ему надежду…
    Зайдите пожалуйста на ссылку и прочитайте..


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