Independence Day

Two days ago I was celebrating, as many other Poles, Polish Independence Day. It is very important to me, because I am Polish not only because I was born in this country, but because I love it. ‚To love’ is to wish good for the person who you love, it is not only a feeling. So I wish all the best for my country. I wish people were honest, good working and cheerful. What I like in Poles is that we can celebrate and be cheerful so much. Even in the bad times, during the communistic regime, we could find some space of our lives for cheerfulness. That does not mean that we can not work hard, but it means that we can take the best from our lives.

That is why I was singing patriotic songs on Sunday and I was very, very cheerful. I prayed for those who sacrificed their lives for our homeland and for us living here now. I wanted to buy myself Polish flag, but I could not find it in any shop 😦 Anyway, I love Poland and I am proud to be Polish! There no better country in the whole world!


2 komentarze do “Independence Day

  1. You can buy Polish flag before volleyball games in Spodek, or before football match on the Śląski Stadium. I think this is the easiest way to get it 😉 Greetz! 😀


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