Susan Boyle

Quite by chance I have found on the information about Susan Boyle. „Never judge a book by it’s cover!” – that’s what I have found on one of her fan-sites. She sings great! The first reaction of the audience was very standard. She is not the Miss of the World, she is not young and pretty. So people wanted to get rid of her. Get rid of her by laughter, stupid comments probably. Why? Because she does not suit the perfect model of ourselves. We want to live in a dream world, where there are only ‚perfect’ people, ‚perfect’ and very egoistic. But she is more perfect than all of them, all of us. She show us that the true beauty is inside a man, is in our hearts, our minds, our souls. Maybe her performance is going to open our eyes, at least a little bit, for a true beauty.

Uff! Lata przerwy w aktywnym używaniu angielskiego zrobiły swoje i powyższy tekst pewnie roi się od błędów. Cóż, trzeba się wziąć do roboty i przypomnieć co nie co.

Susan Boyle, kobieta która zaskoczyła widzów widzów „Britains Got Talent”. Nieatrakcyjna, nie dopasowana do naszych współczesnych oczekiwań okazała się być niesamowitym odkryciem. Jej głos jest wprost powalający. A my osądzamy po wyglądzie (o czym przekonałem się m. in. umieszczając jej zdjęcia na Naszej Klasie). Kiedy i gdzie nasza kultura straciła prawie zupełenie jasność widzenia i ocenia głównie po pozorach, po tym co zewnętrzne? „Prawie” – bo jeszcze udało się dostrzec Susan Boyle. A co będzie dalej?

A tymczasem zajrzyjcie na YouTube i posłuchajcie:


Oremus et pro beatissimo Papa nostro Benedicto

Oremus et pro beatissimo Papa nostro Benedicto,

ut Deus et Dominus noster, qui elegit eum in ordine episcopatus, salvum atque incolumem custodiat Ecclesiæ suæ sanctæ, ad regendum populum sanctum Dei.


Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, cuius iudicio universa fundantur: respice propitius ad preces nostras, et electum nobis Antistitem tua pietate conserva; ut christiana plebs, quæ te gubernatur auctore, sub tanto pontifice, credulitatis suæ meritis augeatur. Per Dominum nostrum Iesum Christum Filium tuum, qui tecum vivat et regnat in unitate Spiritu Sancti, Deus, per omnia sæcula sæculorum.


[z wielkopiątkowej modlitwy wiernych]

The Day of Silence

Today is the Day of Great Silence. Our Shepard is gone. This is also the day of a celebration of Evil. They have killed God, the One who became a man to save us. But not for long they will be laughing and shouting in their wicked feast. When darkness will be growing, when the night will come, they will come back to celebrate. But they do not know, that the One who was buried will rise from the dead.

The Son of man will be delivered into the power of men; they will put him to death; and three days after he has been put to death he will rise again. (Mark 9,31)

This is our hope, this is our salvation. We are no longer children of the darkness, no longer do we have to walk in the night, because Jesus is our light, our lamp in the darkness.

Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. (Ephesians 5,14)

He is our Sun, the Sun that will always shine for us. So do not worry, be patient and await the night which „is as clear as the day (Ps 138,12).

Polish Fantasy

In Poland we read lots of English fantasy. Starting with Master Tolkien and then many, many others. I wonder whether someone in England, Germany or elsewhere in the West have heard about Polish fantasy books and authors. I think they are much better than others. It would be great, if some books by Andrzej Pilipiuk, Jacek Komuda or Milena Wójtowicz were available in English. There is also the probably most famous Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, but personally I prefer others. But maybe there are some people who are not Polish, but they have learned my beautiful language and read some Polish literature? I think it worth the effort.

The way to be saint

Primiller wrote this little poem for me:

Dear fellow saint Galhen,
with eager Amen
I answer your yearning,
that we will again,
live saintly, though fallen,
live bravely, though fail,
that one more heart listens,
and Christ shall prevail!

I like it very much. Thank you! I hope that all people shall understand that sainthood is so much important. Only with a strong faith in God, God whose name is JHWH, whose Son became a man, who sent us His Holy Spirit, only with this strong faith we can live in peace and joy. Because even if we fall, if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous (1 John 2,1). There’s no greater hope for us!

Independence Day

Two days ago I was celebrating, as many other Poles, Polish Independence Day. It is very important to me, because I am Polish not only because I was born in this country, but because I love it. ‚To love’ is to wish good for the person who you love, it is not only a feeling. So I wish all the best for my country. I wish people were honest, good working and cheerful. What I like in Poles is that we can celebrate and be cheerful so much. Even in the bad times, during the communistic regime, we could find some space of our lives for cheerfulness. That does not mean that we can not work hard, but it means that we can take the best from our lives.

That is why I was singing patriotic songs on Sunday and I was very, very cheerful. I prayed for those who sacrificed their lives for our homeland and for us living here now. I wanted to buy myself Polish flag, but I could not find it in any shop 😦 Anyway, I love Poland and I am proud to be Polish! There no better country in the whole world!

Freedom is from God

Inspired by Hyalma and her blog, I also decided to start writing in English. First and main reason is to practice English, so that I won’t forget it.

I decided to share with some thoughts about freedom. I hear quite often that God or Church is against our freedom. All the things you have to do or yo’re not allowed. But is it really like this? I think, it’s a little bit different. God gave us freedom. He wants us to worship him in freedom, not like robots, which cannot decide what they are doing. We are free, so we do not have to obey the rules of the world. These rules are leading us into addiction of sin. Sin addicts, virtue does not. Have anyone heard of someone addicted to mercy? No, of course not. The way of the Lord is the way of freedom. Leave your sins, your addictions, all bad things that happened in your life. God frees you from it! Be free, be happy, be His child!